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We are experienced, professional solicitors, specialising in handling road traffic accident and personal injury cases, although we operate mainly in the areas of Manchester and Liverpool, we are able to take on any case wherever you are based in the UK.

If you have sustained an injury through an accident at work, in a road traffic accident or even due to a defective product and it was not your fault, then one of our highly skilled accident solicitors will be able to assist you in bringing a personal injury claim for compensation. We take on cases from Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cornwall, and throughout the rest of the UK.

All of our accident solicitors are available to offer advice for all types of personal injury. If you believe you were involved in an accident that was not your fault, then The Accident Solicitors can help! Telephone us on 07919 561266 or alternatively by completing the short questionnaire opposite.

Initially, once your request is received, one of our personal injury solicitors will take a look and assess your injury claim. During the next stage, depending upon the type of accident, The Accident Solicitors will appoint you a representative that is a specialist within that particular personal injury field.  Meaning that no matter what your claim, be it an accident at work, or a road traffic accident, you can rest assure you will be in the capable hands of one The Accident Solicitors specialists. Upon completion of their initial assessment, the personal injury solicitor will contact you to discuss the merits of the claim. The consultation is completely free of charge, where you will be able to discuss your injury with a member of our Manchester or Liverpool based team.

Should you have a potential claim with good prospects of success, then The Accident Solicitors will appoint a fully qualified personal injury solicitor to pursue your road traffic accident or accident at work claim on your behalf. Moreover, we provide you with the following guarantee:

"As solicitors, we provide you with a personal guarantee that it will cost you absolutely nothing to bring your personal injury claim through The Accident Solicitors, you will receive a genuinely free service from The Accident Solicitors, and you will receive every penny of any compensation you are awarded."

Wherever you are based in the UK, whether it be Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Liverpool,  Cornwall, The Accident Solicitors will be able to assist you with your road traffic accident or any other personal injury claim. The Accident Solicitors are one of the UK's premier accident solicitor and personal injury firms. We pride ourselves on the fast, friendly and efficient service we offer including our No-Win-no-Fee services, available across Manchester, Liverpool and the UK.

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How To Contact Us

To contact us about your accident, please either telephone us on 07919 561266 or complete the short questionnaire above.  Simply click the 'Send Now' button to submit the questionnaire once you have completed it.  Upon receipt, it will be assessed by a solicitor who will then contact you to discuss your accident claim.

The solicitor appointed by The Accident Solicitors to do this, will be a specialist in accident claims.  As we take on cases from Manchester, Cheshire, Wilmslow, Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire, and from throughout the UK, we will appoint an accident claim solicitor local to yourself to assist you.  We have offices all around the country.

The consultation is completely free of charge.

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