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Head and Spinal Injuries

Claims For Spinal And Head Injuries (Including Brain Damage)

Like spinal injuries, head injuries are very common, the most severe type being actual brain damage.  Head injuries causing brain damage are usually caused when the head injury/brain damage is sustained either by the head hitting an object or an object penetrating the skull.  The head injury/brain damage can occur in a road traffic accident, an assault, a shooting incident , a sports injury, and even in a fall.  The resulting damage to the brain can affect a person's cognitive, physical and emotional behaviour. The exact affect of the head injury/brain damage will depend upon the specific area of the brain that has been damaged.

Cognitive symptoms arising out of the head injury/brain damage may include communication problems, reduced ability to process information, memory loss, impaired judgment, spatial disorientation, and concentration problems.

The physical problems caused by a head injury/brain damage can include pain, seizures, speech impairment, visual impairment, problems with balance, sleeplessness, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell.

The emotional problems resulting from a head injury/brain damage may include inability to initiate activities, anxiety, depression, mood swings, difficulty in completing tasks without reminders, impulsive behaviour, and feelings of agitation.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are an extremely traumatic life altering event and the resulting motor and sensory paralysis caused by the spinal injuries have serious physiological implications which both the person concerned and those around them have to learn to manage. Compensation for a spinal injury will go some way to helping the victim manage their injuries and put their life back together. Most people who suffer a spinal injury succeed in that endeavour and do not allow the spinal injury to affect their quality of life. Indeed, both head injury/brain damage and spinal injuries victims are usually able to go onto to lead a very good quality of life.


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